"Being a part of the co-op was an amazing experience. I grew so much as a parent. The co-op showed me I was not alone, and gave me a community within our community. We have made many lifelong friends as a result of being a part of this school. The play-based curriculum gave my children the ability to learn and explore in their own way, and fostered a love of learning. This love of learning has carried them far in their elementary years. We recommend this school to everyone!"  
--Kate Wollenberg

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About us


Since 1943, the Granville Parent Cooperative Preschool (GPCP) has proudly contributed to Granville’s reputation of excellence in education. Founded as a wartime community service project benefiting working mothers, GPCP began employing professional teachers in 1955 and was officially incorporated in 1956. In 1951, GPCP moved to its present location in the annex building of the United Church of Granville. Despite our long-standing relationship with the church, the preschool has no religious affiliation.

Through the years, cooperative management of our nonprofit organization has remained a hallmark. Member families annually elect an unpaid board of parents to oversee the administration of the school and approve all major policy changes. Members work with professional teachers in the classroom approximately 15 times a year, and each family contributes their talents to one or two service projects, which help maintain operation of the GPCP community.

Our principle educational goal is to expose children to learning experiences that will develop their curiosity, love of learning, security, self-concept and sense of belonging to a world that is interesting to them and interested in them. This all takes place in a unique environment that actively involves both families and teachers, and places an emphasis on education through play. Our classroom structure provides families with greater insight into child behavior and development as parents assist the teachers in implementing the curriculum.

​The learning doesn’t stop at the classroom door. Children and parents have the opportunity to build relationships with other families, because everyone works so closely together. This is the magic of the Granville Parent Cooperative Preschool––children, parents and teachers collaborating so that all may grow through shared personal and educational experiences.