Enrollment forms 

Once your child's application has been submitted, your family will be notified of placement based on priority status and enrollment packet postmark dates. Notification letters of class enrollment will be mailed by March 15th or within two weeks if received after March 10th. 

After receiving an acceptance letter, families should print and complete the forms below or contact the enrollment coordinator enrollment@granvillepreschool.org to have this paperwork mailed to you. 

​2017-18 enrollment forms:

2017-18 Ohio Department of Job and Family Services forms:

Tips for filling out Ohio Department of Job and Family Services forms:

Child Enrollment and Health Information 

  • Please be sure to fill in the child’s name at the top of each page.  
  • Page 1 
    • The state of Ohio requires that all fields be completed. If any questions do not apply to you (for example, work phone number), please write “N/A” in the field. 
    • The “First Day at Center/Program/Home” should be as follows: 
      • 2’s class: August 30, 2017 
      • 3’s class: August 29, 2017 
      • Multi-Age 3/4/5’s class: August 28, 2017
      • 4/5’s class: August 28, 2017 
    • The field under Parent’s Work/School Address is regarding the GPCP directory. The directory is made available to all parents/guardians of current students and is a way for other parents to contact you. Please indicate whether or not you wish to be listed and the best way to contact you. 
    • Emergency Contacts: Please note that at least one contact must be within a one hour drive. 
  • Page 2-3 
    •  Please read through carefully and fill in the fields as applicable. 
  • Page 3
    • "Permission to Transport: Center or Type A Home Name" should be “Granville Parent Cooperative Preschool” 
    • To review our preschool's policies regarding safety and emergency transportation, see "Article X: Safety" on pages  29-32 of the member handbook

Statement of Non-Conviction  

  • Separate forms must be completed and returned for EACH parent or legal guardian, as well as any other family member or caregiver who will be participating as a parent helper.
  • Please fill out the top portion only.
  • Please remember to print and turn in the second page.

Child Medical Statement

  • This form is not required of students in the 2’s class. 
  • Must be completed by a physician’s office or clinic as the state requires that each child have an annual physical. 
  • This is the only form due by August 1, 2017.

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