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"GPCP has been a wonderful preschool experience for both of our kids. The small size classes, play-based curriculum and the supportive environment provided by teachers and parent helpers have been immensely valuable in making our kids' first experience with school a success. The sense of community is really wonderful and we felt part of the family from the start. The transition to the elementary school has gone smoothly and our kids have kept strong bonds with their GPCP buddies!"
--Cecile and Jordan Katz


Do parents teach the classes?
No. Only licensed, trained teachers plan and teach all classes. Parent Helpers assist the teachers, are active participants in the class activities, and periodically perform other tasks and touch up cleaning (GPCP hires a professional cleaning service that thoroughly cleans and sanitizes weekly).

I will only be able to serve as a Parent Helper at certain times, can I still join the Co-op?
Yes. Your child’s class representative will work with you to develop a workable schedule. Parents often volunteer for extra helping days early in the year if they are expecting a new child or other major changes later in the year, serve only on a certain day of the week, or make other arrangements to satisfy necessary requirements. Parents often work together to exchange child care on their scheduled in-class days.

Can a grandparent or other caregiver participate in a parent’s place?
Yes. Parents, grandparents and other designated adult caregivers are eligible to carry out Parent Helper requirements. Your child’s class representative will work with you to find a workable arrangement.

What is a “parent project”?
A parent project is an extra-curricular job that each family takes on to help keep the Co-op running smoothly. Examples include organizing an event, cleaning toys, weeding or gardening the playground area, organizing t-shirt sales, participating as a board member and more. Some of the parent projects are simple, and some are more detailed. Your project(s) depends on what you prefer doing and what is available.


Is the co-op a parochial pre-school?
No. Although we rent space in the education building of a church, we are not affiliated with any religious group.

My child will turn five during the coming school year but is not yet enrolled in kindergarten. What co-op program would be appropriate?
The 4/5s class is designed to meet the needs of both four- and five-year olds (other schools sometimes call this a “pre-kindergarten” program). ​

What licensing does the co-op have?
​The GPCP is licensed by the State of Ohio, meaning that we meet all of the stringent health and safety codes maintained by the State of Ohio. Class curricula are aligned with the Ohio Department of Education’s Early Learning and Development Standards. 

How do I find out more?
We encourage you to call our school at 740-587-0497, or contact the enrollment coordinator at enrollment@granvillepreschool.org for more information.