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"As a teacher with a Masters in disabilities and a mother with seven years of parenting experience, I know that my children are getting a beautiful start to schooling here at the co-op. They have learned all the fundamental academic skills that a 5-year-old starting kindergarten needs--letter identification and formation, number sequence and one-to-one correspondence and literacy skills. They know how to sit in circle time, respond to questions about a book, hold a pencil and write their own name. And they are well-prepared to share, to wait their turn, to treat others kindly, to line up quietly, to independently pack their backpack and to ask questions--skills that have served them well in kindergarten and higher grades."
--Ceciel Shaw

How we're different

Being part of a cooperative preschool allows parents to engage directly with their child’s early education. While our certified teachers develop all curricula and teach all classes, each co-op family takes an active and hands-on approach to activities in the classroom and beyond.

From serving on the voluntary board of directors to being the “parent-helper” once or twice a month, co-op families participate in a vibrant educational community. Many parents find that they gain insight about their child intellectually, emotionally and socially, because they are able to observe their child first-hand during school activities.

Our families repeatedly articulate that one of the major reasons they are grateful they joined our cooperative preschool is because of their involvement in the classroom and the friendships that develop between families. In addition to gaining an emotional support system, families can also benefit financially, as cooperative preschools tend to be less expensive than traditional preschools.

​As a cooperative, we truly work together to craft a nurturing preschool environment for our children. We take an active role in their education at a critical time in their development. And because our curriculum is play-based, our children become well-prepared for kindergarten while having fun with their friends.