Dramatic play
Dressing up, working at the workbench, playing house, or acting out a career are all a lot of fun, but these activities also help children to understand the world around them, utilize their imagination, and develop coordination and fine motor skills.

Science center
Children use magnifying glasses and their senses of touch, sight, and smell as they observe the materials
that the teachers rotate through this area on a regular basis.  A favorite event each year is watching the
butterfly chrysalises and predicting how many days it
will take for the butterflies to emerge.

Sand table
Play in this area, a classroom favorite, helps children internalize concepts such as volume, weight, and gravity while practicing taking turns.

Table games
Puzzles, sorting activities, and stringing beads are among a few of the many table games available each day. Children develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and math readiness skills as they persist at these tasks.

Block area
As children build towers they utilize their hand-eye coordination and practice controlling their small and large muscle groups.  Working together to create roads and cities encourages cooperation, social skills, language development, and provides a foundation for future map skills.

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Indoor gym
During inclement weather students have a spacious gym with exciting equipment to explore. Scooters, stepping cones, a crawling tunnel, and individual balance boards are just a few of the developmentally appropriate pieces that are available.

Our classroom

Our well-organized classroom is divided into several learning centers that include a sand/sensory table, science center, reading corner, puppet theater and an area dedicated to blocks. Children have the opportunity to select from these areas during each class, learning through play and developing individual interests and abilities at their own pace. 

Reading corner
Whether cuddling up with a pillow and a book, following along with a book on tape, or creating a message at the writing center, all of these activities encourage a child’s language development.

Puppet theater
Putting on puppet shows helps children develop their language skills while they use their imagination to create original performances or their memory to retell favorite stories.

Outdoor play area
Children develop large muscles and spatial awareness as they play in our fenced in and secured play area, located behind the building.