Joan Derryberry, Teacher
3's and 4/5's Classes

We hit the jackpot when "Miss Joan" joined us at The Co-op back in 2007. She boasts over 40 valuable years of preschool teaching experience and was awarded Licking County's Early Childhood Educator of the Year in 2001. Joan has a degree in Child Development from Lima Technical College/The Ohio State University and is a member of the Ohio and National Associations of the Education of Young Children.

"We could not have asked for a better preschool teacher for our kids than Miss Joan. She provides a kind, accepting and respectful environment for children to thrive in. Our kids did not speak any English when they enrolled, and Miss Joan has worked so wonderfully with our family during that time, in making sure we (the parents) and our kids were comfortable and understood. Our kids never felt different than their peers, and Miss Joan always supported us in keeping up with a second language. The transition to the elementary school was very easy and our kids were well prepared for kindergarten. We highly recommend the GPCP!"
--Cecile and Jordan Katz

"My son has had the privilege of having Miss Joan for the past two years, and I have had the privilege of being in the classroom to watch her teach. Miss Joan provides an environment where kids can become active problem solvers and where they can apply their thinking to the world around them. She enables the children to develop problem solving skills through play, talk, and interaction. Students are also provided authentic opportunities for learning with a play-based approach. Through these opportunities, they acquire language and deepen their understanding of numeracy concepts. As a kindergarten teacher, I believe learning through play is highly beneficial for preschool aged students. Learning through play provides the children an opportunity to establish their own internal motivation for behaving appropriately. Miss Joan's engaging, personalized, and integrated teaching allows students to think, create, explore, investigate, and share. Her classroom prepares students to develop the knowledge, skills, and perspectives they need to enter kindergarten."
​--Mariah Gibbs

Our teachers

Parents and students consistently rave about our caring, experienced teachers. The Co-op teachers are highly trained professionals with both degrees in education and many years experience teaching young children, including their own. Always wanting to advance their teaching methods, our teachers regularly pursue additional training and attend the Ohio National Association for the Education of Young Children Conference each year.

Christina Phillips, Teacher
2' s Classes

"Miss Christina" is our beloved 2's teacher and is no stranger to all things Co-op. With over 25 years of preschool teaching experience, Christina joined our staff in 2014. She served on the Board while her three children attended Co-op programs, including a stretch as Board President in 2008-2009. Not only does Christina have experience at other parent co-op preschools, her background also includes teaching little ones with special needs.

How lucky we were that our son's very first teacher was someone as special as Miss Christina. When he walked in for his first day, as a shy two-year-old in a strange place among unknown children, he was understandably shy and quiet. But Miss Christina's unique warmth, approachability, and sincere interest in each child was immediately apparent, and she coaxed out their best and brightest selves. As the weeks and months went on, lightbulbs of learning went off, classmates became friends, and school became the highlight of the week. At the center of it all was Christina, beloved by children and parents alike. We will always treasure the role she played at the crucial beginning of our son's education." 
--Kim Byce and Trent Beers

"Miss Christina's personal strengths are her effective communication style with children and parents, her knowledge of child development, and her many years of experience as an educator. She is attentive to her young students and understands that all children need room to grow and explore. She meets them where they are and appreciates each child's individual strengths while supporting their needs."
​--Ceciel Shaw

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Staci Franks, Teacher

Multi-Age Class

“Miss Staci” will be teaching the multi-age class this year. She has been a regular member of our Co-Op community as both a parent of Co-op alumni Maggie and Tommy, but also as our reliable and trustworthy sub of many years.  With her youngest entering Kindergarten this year, she finally has the opportunity to join our teaching team.  Staci graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, including a semester abroad at the Philipps-Universität in Marburg, Germany, with a focus on literature, languages, and psychology, including child psychology. She has 4 years of teaching experience within the Granville community, including the Granville Exempted Village School District. 

“This being Frankie's first school experience - and since he's been a Covid kid - it's been a huge adjustment for all of us (probably mostly me). Staci has been so patient and generous with her time. She has discussed my concerns with Frankie from using the potty to social interactions. She has proactively reached out to share things she has learned through her continuous education and adjustments she is making to help Frankie both in class and suggestions to continue at home. 
Staci is thoughtful and kind and her passion for working with the kids really comes through. She treats the kids with respect and has been fantastic at modeling how they should treat each other. 
We are grateful to have her lead Frankie as he figures out school and socialization.”

-Erika Wadlinger