As the previous President said before, "Is there a little extra work involved with becoming a Co-op family?  Yes.  But I promise, you will not look back on your time there and regret being a Parent Helper during class.  You will not wish that you had spent those few hours cleaning the classroom or picking up sticks on the playground differently.  You will appreciate the community your family is now a part of.  You will be proud of yourself for taking an active interest in your child’s early education.  You will be grateful for the friendships that have come from your family’s time there.  That is the magic of The Co-op."

We hope you find The Co-op to be as wonderful as we do and I wish you the best of luck in your search for a preschool.

-Megan Olbur and family

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A message from the president


Welcome!  Thank you for your interest in The Granville Parent Co-operative Preschool, often referred to around town as “The Co-op”. 

Our family moved to Granville from San Diego in November 2018 with 2 year old Paige and 7 week old Lucy.  We were fortunate to move to the same town as my brother and his family.  Although we were long on family we were short on friends.  We saw a sign for a little cooperative preschool in town and thought that would be a great way to meet other families.  A phone call turned into a tour, turned into applications and before we knew it we were lucky to join the Co-Op 2’s class mid year when a spot opened and haven’t looked back.  ​Paige loved the 2's class, then the 3's class and finally the 4/5's class.

Now Paige is entering half-day Kindergarten at Granville Elementary and Lucy will make her preschool debut in the 3’s class this fall.  The Co-Op provided our family with community and friendships that continue today. I cannot wait to continue building on those friendships with our youngest child.