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A message from the president


Welcome to the Co-op!

You have found your way to one of the gems of Licking County. An
educational institution 75 years in the making. A place where children,
parents and teachers actively participate in community-building. A
nurturing environment where the youngest students experience the joys
of curiosity and gaining knowledge about the world around them. A place
to play. A place to learn. A place to grow.

When my family moved to Granville in 2014, we sought that small-town
closeness that’s hard to come by in bigger cities. We dreamed of raising
our children alongside other families, sharing the dual journeys of
parenthood and childhood. But after we arrived and took stock of our
surroundings, we realized we knew only three people in town: the realtor who
sold us our house and a couple—whose children had attended the co-op.

How did we make our close-knit community fantasies a reality? At our
friends’ urging, we enrolled our then-2-year-old in the 2’s class at the co-op.
This single action not only introduced Abbott to his first friends, but it led my husband and I to meaningful interactions with other parents. We’ve shared pizza, popsicles and experiences: attending field trips, staffing tables at the farmers’ market, planning fundraising dinners, cleaning toys, representing the preschool at community events, sorting donated goods, helping out with transportation for parents in a pinch, constructing fences, building a playground. Our bonds have multiplied and manifested into friendships with other co-op families. Now Abbott is 5 and entering Miss Joan’s 4/5’s class, and our younger son Arbor will join Miss Christina in the 2’s. I will be at the co-op literally every school day this year, and I couldn’t be happier.

Sure, there are commitments that the co-op asks of families that are not required at other schools. Helping in the classroom, completing parent projects and/or serving on the all-volunteer board can be time-consuming and require some scheduling acrobatics. But I don’t consider these to be hardships—they are opportunities. They are gifts.

My parent-helper days are a chance to interact with other children, to have them recognize me outside the classroom and to observe their blossoming relationships with my own children. I can share my kids’ experiences with them in a way that will never be possible again, as they move on to kindergarten and beyond. And through projects and service on the board, I get to know my children’s teachers and other co-op families on a closer level than just the “hi” and “bye” I expect to exchange as my children progress into higher grades.

As tempting as it would be to attend a school where a teacher’s aide comes out to the curb to escort my kids inside, I’m glad our little school doesn’t have an optional drive-through. Even in bitter winter, even with a baby in tow, bringing my child into his classroom—observing how he knows to wash his hands and hang up his coat, watching him greet his teacher and his friends—is a privilege. I get to slow down and be present for the experiences my children are having, knowing there will come a time, very soon, when I can only wish from afar that I could be an active part of it. I am so grateful to have these moments now, while I can.

So I invite you to explore our community. Meet our teachers, tour our classroom, talk to the scores of families who have been co-op members over our many, many years of education. Some of our parents are alumni themselves, having attended the co-op as children. Being a part of this magical place is the best decision my family has made, and I encourage you to consider joining us.

With love,
Kim Byce

President, Granville Parent Co-op Preschool (GPCP)